The Famous spa & Health Care is a young brand for the refined consumer that is after International experience with exceptional talent that is on a continuous journey to refine and develop there skills. We are a brand that does not just do what you say, we are a brand and team that will give you what you need through education.

There comes a time when growth and opportunity meets, we have had to look at the brand and evolve it in order to be able to maintain our connect with the audience. The Hairdressing Industry is evolving so rapidly in Bangladesh and with our growth plans we want to ensure that the brand stands for more than one thing or reliant on one person. We want to ensure we are setting up a Team of able people that will have the same opportunities to succeed and flourish in the Industry here in Bangladesh. We have invested and will continue to invest a large amount of time and money into training of our people as we believe that is with the right people anything is possible.

A name or brand means different things to different people, however the brand famous spa for me means renew, rejuvenation and coming to life with a fresh new approach and that is exactly what we are about. It is a the fresh breeze after a long dry spell, it is romantic, sexy, colorful and fun. We approach things with energy and passion and backed up with the support and international experience to ensure that Famous spa is the leader in the Bangladesh market but also admired internationally with skills comparable to any top Spa in the World.

We have a very specific plan, detailed and concise that will be executed with precision and finesse over the next 3-5 years with expert detailed training being our primary focus. The brand Famous spa will be market leader and strategically placed throughout Dhaka in our first phase. In the next 3 years we will have 10+ Spa adding selected sites furthering to 3 in the last 6 years of our expansion. With a very strong info structure in place that supports such expansion we will only multiply when all key areas of our business is adequately aligned.

As leaders in the Hair Industry we will ensure that the skills and development grow and evolve to give our team a platform like no other, this will greatly add value to the Industry as well as the individual team member which we are excited about.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]